Monday, November 22, 2010

Food Flight

Holiday travel for Nick and I these days isn't exactly just over the river and through the woods. Both of our families live up and down the east coast, so unless we want to drive for 12 hours over many rivers and through plenty of woods, we choose to fly.

No one really WANTS to spend hours and hours in airports or on planes. There are lines...delays... full body scanners...pat-downs(Nick and I were lucky enough to go through a full body scanner AND get a pat down in Amsterdam...they were very thorough), and more. And when you finally get on the plane the cuisine is notoriously bad if not nonexistent and the cost of a can of lukewarm beer can empty your wallet.

But it's not ALL bad is it??? Lets try to turn that holiday-travel-frown upside down shall we? I found a link on Food & Wine Magazine's web site that might do the trick.

They've complied a list of the best places to eat in airports across the country, and honestly, the food they're describing might be enough to convince me to add a few connections to my itinerary.

I even found a few favorites of mine on the list::

The Anchor Steam pub in San Francisco International put a smile on my face one trip.

Denver airport's micro-brew filled bars offered Nick and I a fun and delicious way to spend a few hours. I fondly recall a delicious baked goat cheese dish and a pint of hoppy beer.

Chickie and Pete's in Philadelphia International is totally worth a try as well. Their Crab Fries (fries tossed in Old Bay) are a Philly favorite and a great alternative to a cheese steak.

The Prime Tavern in La Guardia struck me as a strange choice, however. Have you ever tried to eat a steak in an airport? I have. Long story short...the only utensils allowed inside the terminals are plastic. Unless they want you to go caveman on your ribeye, I would pass.

Unfortunately they left the Louisville airport off the list, but the next time you're waiting for your flight or picking someone up be sure to grab a bourbon at the Woodford Reserve bar. I did!

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