Friday, November 5, 2010

Chocolate and Herring and Beer - Oh My!

Hi to all my Rare & Well-Done readers!

I'm going to be taking a few days off eating and drinking here in Louisville...because I'll be eating and drinking in Belgium and the Netherlands.

I can't wait to blog about all the chocolate and herring and beer that I find, as well as my travel trials and tribulations (there are bound to be a few). And I'll fill you all in when I return.

As much as I'm excited about going to Europe for a little vacation I'm sad that I'll be missing a few good events here in town. But if you're not going to Europe you can enjoy them!

1.) The Breeders' Cup Nov 5th and 6th
Nick and I actually won enough last weekend at the opening day races to pay for beer and
parking...good luck!

2.) Iron Chef Dinner at 610 Magnolia Nov 11th
Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia (where I haven't been yet but will certainly get to eventually)
will be competing against Jose Garces in the Iron Chef competition! He is hosting an Iron
Chef theme dinner on November 11th and it sounds great! I'm a bit torn on who to root for
because Jose Garces owns and operates some of my favorite restaurants in the whole wide
world and they're all in Philly...but you've got to root, root, root for the home team right!?

Well. I've got quite a bit of last minute packing to do so I best be off. Have a wonderful week folks...I'm sure I will!


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