Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weekend activities..."Thank You Louisville, Love, Jessica"

Dear Louisville, Thank you. Thank you for all of the festivals, gatherings, concerts and such. Thank you for all of the recreational opportunities. Thank you for making so many of them free, and all of them cheap. Lots of love, Jessica

If the weekend comes and the hubby gets bored, god help us all. Practical jokes get pulled. Exorbitantly expensive computer games get bought. The dog gets so much attention that she passes out for the day around noon.

Since we've moved to Louisville and been busy every weekend, life has been good.

Have someone with ants in his/her pants in your household? Here are a few things happening this weekend that caught my interest::::

The Louisville Cardinals' Homecoming

I've never really gotten into college football, mainly because the university I went to didn't even have a football team, but "when in Rome!". So we're fixin' to go to the Cardinals' homecoming game this weekend. They serve beer there right????

The Garvin Gate Blues Fest

I'm no stranger to music festivals. I've been going to them since I was a youngin'. Here's some photographic evidence (yes...I was that darn cute).

Even if you don't like blues (and I mean come on...who doesn't like blues!) it's free, so why not make an appearance.

Maker's Mark Six Year Anniversary

My mama is the queen of coupons and good deals. When I was a kid she used to use coupons and radio contest winnings to treat the family to some amazing times.

When Nick and I moved to Philadelphia she found this web-site that offers fantastic discount coupons for fine dining restaurants and sent us a welcome package of them. She did the same thing when we moved to Louisville and it was thanks to her that we found (and LOVED) Lilly's. In that same package was a coupon for the Maker's Mark Lounge downtown.

Nick and I haven't ventured there yet as the prices seem a bit high, and sometimes we can be a bit frugal. Today, however, I read that they're having their six year anniversary and using it to raise money for the Susan G Komen organization that's working to find a cure for breast cancer.

My mama had breast cancer years ago, and is happy and healthy today. As much of a cheapskate as I can be at times I think there are some things worth spending money on. This happens to be one of them.

So consider heading over to the Maker's Mark Lounge this weekend. Not only can you enjoy some damn good bourbon...but you can also contribute to a damn fine cause. I can certainly drink to that.

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