Monday, October 25, 2010

Trick AND Treat

Vogue and Cosmopolitan don't seem to speak to me. Food & Wine however, bellows out my name.

I'm a proud subscriber to and follower of just about every food magazine and web site out there. Half of the time I'm looking for ideas...the other half I just like looking at the pretty pictures of food.

Now, I don't always end up finding something new and interesting, or for that matter even appealing. But when I do, I get excited about it. And when Nick will no longer listen to my incessant ramblings about it I blog.

This latest find was so intriguing that I took it to a recent Halloween party and it was as big a hit as I hoped...even bigger in fact.

Still looking for something to take to YOUR Halloween party? Give these fake-out sushi treats a try. They're made of candy...they look like sushi...and they're as much of a trick as they are a treat.
Candy Sushi::

3 tbs. butter
40 regular size marshmallows
6 cups Rice Krispies cereal

1 package Swedish Fish (2 packages if you like to snack while you work)
1 package Gummy Worms (2 packages if you like to snack while you don't work)
2 boxes Fruit By The Foot (should only need one and a half...munch on the rest when you get
sick of Swedish Fish and Gummy Worms)

This is easy as pie. First make a regular old batch of Rice Krispies Treats by melting the butter and marshmallows together in a large pot over medium heat. When they're completely melted remove from the heat and stir in the Rice Krispies.

1.) For the "sushi" rolls...

Take half of the Rice Krispies mix and spread it out in a thin layer on a greased baking sheet. You may need two sheets depending on their size. Be sure to push the layer evenly all over and try to get it as thin as possible.

Next, starting at the end of the sheet tray closest to you, lay bundles of 2-3 worms head to tail the entire width of the pan. Take the edge of the Krispies and roll them over until they completely encase the worms. Squeeze the roll tightly with your hands and cut the roll away from the rest of the sheet of treats. Continue rolling the worms in the treats until the sheet pan is used up. **I should have taken pictures of this process but didn' is my artist's rendering of how the sheet pan and worms should be placed...I'm talented aren't I!?!**

Once you've finished rolling your logs and cutting them out of the pan, measure the width of your fruit strips and cut each long into rolls the same width. Then wrap the fruit strips around each roll and cut to size. The fruit strips will stick to each other so simply press firmly where they ends of the strips meet to seal.

Place the rolls on their back and you've got "sushi" rolls that even the pickiest eater will love!

2.) For the nigiri type "sushi"...

Take half of the Krispies mix and while still warm shape small bits into ovals. To keep it from sticking to your hands grease them (I rubbed mine with butter...yummy!). Once all of the ovals are formed simply press a Swedish Fish on top of each one. Then to secure the fish wrap a fruit strip (cut lengthwise down the center) around each piece and secure the strip at the bottom.

If the nigiri tend to fall over simply push them down rather firmly onto their serving tray and they should get a bit of a flat bottom.

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