Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Much Louisville...So Little Time!

Whew! What a whirlwind weekend. I had my folks in from Jersey for a long, albeit fun weekend and am just now getting the chance to sit down and recap.

My newest secret weapon in the war to find great things to do in Louisville, a loyal reader named Scott, has been helping keep me updated on what's happenin' around town. I was lax in my duties last weekend due to my guests (I blame my wonderful hostess skills) and didn't have time to give you a heads up about last weekends activities (not even my own neighborhood's Highland Fest!) so here are a few upcoming events I don't want you to miss::

1.) Oktoberfest

I know that Covington Kentucky hosts the mother of all Oktoberfests but driving an hour and a half there, drinking beers the size of your head, and driving an hour and a half back doesn't really jive with me. So I'm happy to see Louisville is hosting a few Oktoberfest activities of it's own. The hubby and I were in Munich in late September about three years ago so when this time of the year rolls around all I can think of is sausage and beer. We'll be attending this one next weekend: http://beeradvocate.com/events/info/37591

2.) Pigskins and Ponies

This one is courtesy of Scott. It's a bit in the future but you'll probably have to act sooner rather than later on it. The neighboring Cardinals Stadium and Churchill Downs have put together a pretty nice package for the low, low price of $25. Unfortunately, the hubby and I won't be able to make it as we will be in Europe (oh shucks...what a shame), but if we were in town I would certainly be there: http://www.uoflsports.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/092210aaa.html

This last one isn't quite an event, more of a great idea...and it has to do with pizza. Last Thursday, the Highlands hosted their "Slice of the Highlands" pizza competition. Papalino's won both the critics and people's choice.

Now, I have to say, of all the pizza I've had in the Highlands to date, Papalino's WAS the best quality in terms of getting even close to NY Style pizza (although that being said, please note, it's nothing like NY style pizza...just closer than anything I've had yet...remember, I was born and raised less than an hour from NY so I'm a tough sell). The crust was pretty good and the topping were of excellent quality. But I have to mention one thing...the wait. The hubby and I went there one Saturday evening and although it looked busy, we never in our wildest dreams thought we'd have to wait over an hour for our pie. Once it arrived we couldn't deny it's yummy-ness, but the wait left a bad taste in our mouth.

So aside from this little mini-review of Papalino's, I've decided to continue my search for the best pizza Louisville has to offer before I post reviews of places I've been so far. But I'm going to break it down into categories. I'm thinking "Best Bang For Your Buck", "Best Thin Crust", "Best Quality Ingredients". I'm going to have to throw "Best NY Style" out the window until I find something that more closely resembles what I used to have when I lived there.

First stop on "Best Bang For Your Buck" will be Wick's Pizza in the Highlands. Scott mentioned that it's a great place for fill-you-up-cheesy-goodness (not verbatim obviously) and when I popped in there for a beer during the Highlands Festival (cheap, cheap beer by the way...always a good sign!) I noticed they have all you can eat pizza and draft special for the low, low price of $10 every Wednesday! $10!!!! You will certainly see me there one Wednesday in October.

So get out there and enjoy your city Louisville! I know I have!

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