Saturday, July 10, 2010

Green Eggs Cafe (Philadelphia) - Great food and an even better mission statement

If I had a restaurant and for some reason thought I needed to come up with a mission statement it would probably go something like this.....
You want food, we've got food. We want money, you've got money. Let's make a deal.
That's what restaurants are all about right? I'm pretty sure I don't see anyone out there saying that their mission is to give away delicious food for free. If they are please let me know and I'll go there for breakfast tomorrow. So usually when a restaurant has a mission statement I immediately become suspicious.

In the past I've found that a mission statement like, "we're committed to supporting our local farmers" really translates to "we're going to rip you off and act like we're doing it all for the farmers". Now don't get me wrong. I'm all about supporting local farmers. I'm even somewhat passionate about the idea of it. The problem is that sometimes using that particular mission statement allows the restaurant owners to believe that they can charge more and give you less, all in the name of "their mission". I've had it happen to me in the past and I don't like it one bit.

When Nick and I were seated at the Green Eggs Cafe this morning I spotted a laminated piece of paper on the table. Oh no I thought, a mission statement. However, unlike all of the other ones I've encountered like this one that stated they were supporting local food, this particular one added something that reeled me in, hook, line and sinker......quality food at inexpensive prices. WHAT!!! REALLY??? Local food, quality food, AND good prices. I have to say,they certainly didn't lie. Thank you Green Eggs Cafe for changing my mind about mission statements...and doing it all for around $10.

The hubby ordered The Kitchen Sink. It was a big 'ol cast iron skillet filled with, well, almost everything but the kitchen sink. Good name. It had eggs, cheese, potatoes, meat, a jumbo (and they aren't kidding) biscuit, and then they topped it all off with sausage gravy. Nick was born and raised in North Carolina and has eaten his share of sausage gravy so you can trust him when he says this gravy was delicious. The picture doesn't do it justice, but then again, how beautiful can a dish called the kitchen sink look? It tastes good and that's all that matters.

I ordered the special, steak and eggs. But this wasn't your typical steak and eggs, it was much, much more. They braised some skirt steak, creamed some spinach and cooked some eggs to sunny-side-up-perfection. Then they served it all on top of a lovely biscuit. It was freakin' amazing. Armed with my knife and fork I pierced the yolk and let it cascade down over the tender, braised steak, over the creamy spinach and into the biscuit. Amazing. It was creamy and rich, yet buttery and light. They should take it off the specials menu and plop it right down next to the kitchen sink on their regular menu. Perfection.

Now, the wait was pretty long and the dining room was unbelievably noisy, but after I was served my delicious breakfast I almost forgot about those two things. Their signature potatoes were too greasy for my liking, but I did almost all of them so they couldn't have been THAT bad. Oh, and I read a chalkboard sign that offered a carafe of orange juice with a "complimentary" bottle of Prosseco. I'm not sure how legal that is but it was a nice touch.

If Nick and I weren't leaving for Kentucky in 6 days I would go back again...and again. My dish was a steal at $10 and the hubby's was only $8.50. Their coffee was good and inexpensive, and the wait staff was very friendly. Two thumbs up for the Green Eggs Cafe...mission statement and all.

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