Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tartes - The names says it all

I have a list of restaurants that Nick and I have recently visited but have yet to write about. Sometimes I'm just lacking inspiration. Sometimes I'm torn about how I should word my review. And sometimes I'm just plain lazy. But then there are the times where I simply forget about an establishment. It's not that I didn't like it or that I've never been back. The problem lies in the fact that I go back...A LOT...like 2 to 3 times a week. When you frequent a place that much it becomes part of the landscape and you almost start to take it for granted. The other day when I was visiting Tartes bakery for the hubby's weekly (if not more) tart fix I realized that it was time for me to spread the word about this little gem of a bakery.

We live about 500 feet away from Tartes, and needless to say, I walk by it multiple times a day. Housed in just about the smallest, not to mention cutest (it's freakin' pink for goodness sake) little building I've ever seen, this small wonder cranks out some amazingly big flavor. They sell cookies and cakes...brownies and lemon bars...small and big bites alike. But the reason we go, and will keep going, is right there in the name. We go for the tarts.

I bought miniature imported French tart tins. I watched video after video about how to make the perfect pie crust. I slaved week after week to make the perfect tart and when I finally made something that was amazing, it still didn't hold a candle to those we buy from Tartes. I don't know how they do it but the crust is honestly, perfect. And the fillings! Oh, the fillings! They change them from time to time, but one of my favorites is the pear-pistachio. The fruit is amazing, the glaze is lovely, the pistachio is pistachio-rific. I love it. And the creme brulee tart is to die for!

This week we bought a lemon tart as well as a coconut creme one. Look at these pictures and tell me they aren't delicious looking works of art. And for around $5 a pop you can try a new one every week (or a few new ones every week...trust me...once you start it's hard to stop).

They are cash only and you order through a walk-up window (like I said...the place is miniature). In nice weather they do put a table and chairs outside as well. They are closed Sunday and Monday and I forgot to jot down the exact hours but I'm pretty sure they're noon to 7, and I think they open around 11am on Saturday.

So next time you have to bring dessert to a dinner party, or you just want to treat yourself (come on...you deserve it), stop by this teeny, tiny little pink building. Trust me, you can't miss it...and you'll be happy you went.

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