Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kitchen Gadget of The Month - The Soda Stream

I was reading a food blog this morning and today's topic was must-have items for the true southern chef...or something like that. Of course they listed things like cast iron pans, buttermilk, etc. (how they left out a fry-daddy I have no idea). And it got me thinking about MY must-have items in the kitchen.

Now, I'm not a gadget junkie. I love multi-taskers...but have trouble buying gadgets that do one, often truly useless thing. Can't handle holding a tomato while you slice it??? Buy a tomato holder (seriously...the have this...and seriously?...they HAVE this?!?).

But some gadgets are downright useful, and unlike a tomato holder, perform a job that other run-of-the-mill kitchen tools can't. THESE types of gadgets I like.

This month's gadget is courtesy of the one, the only...the hubby. He is a fantastic gift giver. For birthday, Christmas, Groundhog Day, etc., I can always expect a "practical" gift that I've been asking for, and a completely unique surprise that I didn't even know existed.

This year for my birthday I received a new pair of Gizeh Birkenstocks (which I LOVE...thanks Nick!) and a SodaStream. What's a SodaStream you ask??? Only one of the coolest gadgets out there.

I'm a seltzer water junkie. It's better for you than soft-drinks, calorie free and refreshing. Plus (and this is a big plus) you can use it to make just about any mixed drink better. Nick adds berry flavored simple syrup and seltzer to a highball glass of ice and bourbon for an oh-so-delicious cocktail.

The SodaStream is my key to practically free seltzer at the touch of a button (literally!). Just fill the special bottles with water, push the button three times and voila...seltzer (word to the wise and my not-so-wise-sometimes husband...only use water...Nick found out the hard way that it won't carbonate pureed pineapple...it will explode it).

Then all you have to do is add flavoring. Fresh squeezed lime juice for a calorie free beverage. Flavored simple syrup for a sweet treat (so far we've run the berry gamut). Whatever floats your boat. You can even make ginger ale without all that high fructose-corn-syrup by just making a simple syrup of regular sugar, candied ginger and water. I could list flavors all day.

The starter kit can be yours for the low, low price of $72. Then the sky is the limit as far as your soda creations are concerned.

Cheers to that!

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