Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Boy And His Bourbon

Unless you've been living under a rock I'm sure you've heard about the big 'ol blizzard that's hit the east coast recently. Here in Philly we got A LOT of snow. So much snow, in fact, that the city was shut down for 2 whole days, which meant the hubby and I got to spend some quality time together while the rest of the world shoveled their way toward daylight. We live on the 5th floor of an old warehouse so all we had to do was sit back, light a fire, pour a few drinks and enjoy the view. So to kill some time and drum up conversation about something we both love I decided to interview my husband. The topic...bourbon. Bring up something like bourbon to a guy like my hubby and it's a sure fire way to get him excited about talking to you...even after being cooped up with you for two days straight ;)

Me: Nick, why do you love bourbon?

Nick: Because it’s tasty and has a "calming effect". Jess, do I really HAVE to do this? Are you really going to post everything I say?

Me: Yes. Now just answer the questions please. Until recently, when you started your quest to taste all of the finest whiskeys America has to offer by working your way down what’s called the American Whiskey Trail, via a large chunk of the Kentucky Bourbon trail, what was your favorite bourbon?

Nick: What kind of favorite? I have lots of different favorites. I tend to split them into mass produced/inexpensive, harder to find/moderately priced and rare.

Me: Well, let’s make this a bit easier for you. From the age of 21, to the age of 31, what brand do you think you consumed the most of.

Nick: Old Crow (by the way, he didn’t even wait until I finished the question before he answered)

Me: Why?

Nick: Because it’s a delicious sour mash, if not a little harsh, and it’s true to the sour mash flavor characteristics even though it has a bad reputation. Then early in my bourbon career I moved into Jim Beam and Jack Daniels land which keeps the same type of flavor profile but removes the slight harshness you get from your old crow experience

Me: Jose Garces' new restaurant, Village Whiskey, serves up 2 oz serving of some bourbons that cost as much as $60/glass. Have you ever, honestly ever tasted a glass of bourbon worth 60? (note: I'll be posting my Village Whiskey review tomorrow or in the next few days)

Nick: Well, the markup at that restaurant is astronomical. I had a glass that was $15 for2 oz, and although I did enjoy it I felt robbed because a week later I bought a fifth of it for $35. The whiskey I’m speaking of is the Basil Hayden (pic second from top), which is my current favorite daily sipping whiskey.

Me: Nick, I notice that we have approximately 5 empty bottles of Bulleit whiskey lying around the house. What do you think of the Bulleit? (pic third from top)

Nick: ***laughter** Bulleit is a fantastic whiskey. In my mind I think it’s probably the best bottle in the lower $20 price range. But it’s noted that I like my whiskey sweet, and Bulleit is a very sweet whiskey.

Me: One last question. If you were stranded on a desert island and could choose any bottle of bourbon and any accompaniment what would they be? A bottle of Blantons and to accompany it…another bottle of Blantons. (Picture of Blantons whiskey to the right...It's Nick's true favorite, hands down, without a doubt, but a bit pricey for everyday drinking)

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