Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cutting The Cheese

Have I told you about my love affair with cheese? Oh look at me. So brazen. Shamelessly flaunting my relationship. No. Not just one relationship. Oh there have been so many. Cheese after cheese after cheese. Some firm, some soft. Some robust, some mild. Oh and the stinky ones! Why must I adore the stinky ones so! Ahhh, forgive me. I seem to have gotten carried away here. This really isn't about the cheese. This is about cutting the cheese. I'm not ashamed of it. How else can you enjoy it without cutting it? Any other means would be barbaric. I may be a cheese hussy but I'm a classy and sophisticated one. I prefer to use the right tool for the job, and that tool my friends, is one I feel as though I can't live without. The Zyliss hand-held cheese slicer.

I'm not one to run out and buy every new gadget on the market. Food Network's Alton Brown has a rule about certain gadgets...anything that can only be used for one, single purpose, a "uni-tasker", has no place in the kitchen. I typically agree with him. I have no room in my loft apartment kitchen for one of those Giant Cupcake baking pans or a Taco Taxi...this this is freakin' looks like a napkin holder but it's designed (I use this term loosely) to keep your taco upright until you're ready to eat it. Paaaa-llleeaassssee people. If you can't deal with those unruly tacos then maybe you should limit your food intake to pudding. I do, however, have a few uni-tasker exceptions, and the Zyliss cheese slicer, my friends, is certainly one of them.

Look at this puppy. It's perfect! It's got a handy dandy thumb wheel that allows you to dial your preferred cheese slice thickness. It's got a sharp (but not too sharp...if you get your hand too close to the cheddar and the blade you won't get cut...anyone who knows me will understand that this is a must...I'm surprised I still have all of my fingers) slicing plane that is wide enough to slice sandwich size pieces of cheese (never again will you have to pay deli cheese prices!). It's reasonably priced (around $12). And best of works! I've used it 5 or more times a week for about 3 years now and it's never let me down. I think deep down inside it loves cheese as much as I do! We might be soul mates.

So if you're looking for that holiday gift for the person who has everything, why not give the Zyliss hand-held cheese slicer a try. Your friend or loved one will be cutting the cheese with ease and thanking you the whole time.

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