Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drink of the Month

I have a cocktail shaker that I stole from an old roommate(thanks John). It’s defective of course. That’s what I get for “permanently borrowing” something. But what it lacks in ease of use it makes up for in style. It has, engraved on all sides, classic cocktail recipes. I mean, talk about a good design. You’re probably already a little shnockered when you decide that mixing up some god awful concoction out of whatever you can find lying around is a good idea. So this shaker helps you out. “No!” it says. “Don’t mix Bailey’s Irish Cream and lemon juice! Listen to me. I can help.”, and it does. My drink of the month comes from said shaker. It’s a New Yorker. I had never heard of this drink before the shaker called out to me one inebriated evening. Give it a try. It uses minimal ingredients and packs a nice, smooth, refreshing punch.

New Yorker:

1 ½ oz whiskey

Juice of ½ a lime

2 dashes of grenadine(I’ve used cranberry juice in a pinch and it’s just as delicious)

1 tsp sugar(plain old granulated sugar…it won’t dissolve completely, but I guess it’s not supposed to)


Shake all ingredients together. Serve on the rocks with a lime wedge garnish. Na zdorovye!!

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